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Sit N? Go are the best and quickest of all poker tournaments. Because the name suggests, a event begins as quickly as enough people have taken their seat, unlike the multi-table tournament which begins at a scheduled date and time. There are often single table sit n? gos and generally multi-desk sit n? gos. Each participant is given an equal number of chips to start, and the tournament will run until one player wins all the chips. In a 9 or 10 player SNG, the top 3 often get paid. In a 6 participant SNG, the top 2 receives a commission.

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Breast Most cancers is just not for women only. In my career I’ve seen several men with Breast Cancer. They’d mastectomies and a Mammogram of the remaining breast yearly. Males don’t know to examine themselves. In most cases their wives discovered the lump and sent … Read More